Canvas Sketchbook

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I’m experimenting with the HTML canvas element.

Generally speaking I’m probably recreating work that’s been done elsewhere, better, but I find it a lot easier to internalize things I do or figure out for myself. Along the way I’m trying to remember to add instructive comments, both so I can look back at what I’ve done and remember why I did it, and with the thought that, maybe, someone flipping through this code might find something of some use to them.

That said: it’s all just me doing stuff and comes with absolutely no warranty whatsoever.


It’s a lot of…do a thing…then copy it and modify it. Do, modify. Do, modify.

Sometimes I set out on a path with a defined end-goal in mind, and I’ll try to show my work, as it were. So it’s less do-modify and more inch-toward-something-that-may-or-may-not-work-ever.

The Experiments

I’m trying to annotate these a bit, without worrying too much about naming things, hence the numerical naming conventions. It’s sort of like a big sketchbook that way.